Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Rin- Japanese

Tucked away on Harrington street is the cute and pokey Japanese restaurant Rin. Exhibiting the essence of Japan , you will be very pleased with this establishment providing authentic, and fresh flavours imported from the eastern paradise.  Specials are made almost daily and the menu has a nice selection of goodies.  I was absolutely in heaven here, with delicious rich flavours of gyoza, tempura, tamago omelette, salmon, tofu and shiitake mushrooms.  Prices are fair, and the effort put into the preparation and presentation of the food is in true style, simple and clean, in order to emphasise the fresh, subtle flavours of Japanese cuisine. The staff are gorgeous and helpful, and even though the establishment is small and a little cramped, I felt at ease, while enjoying my food.  The only complaint is that they are not open enough, closing at 3pm, closed in the evenings and on the weekends.  So one lunch break plan a trip to Rin and support this well needed arrival of Japanese cuisine to Hobart, takeaways available as well.

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