Friday, 26 July 2013

Taco Taco

Located around Hobart CBD where ever the van may pull up, Taco Taco offer late night street style cuisine.  Fresh and contemporary, Taco varieties change, and there is even seating, comprised of up-turned milk crates and cushions. To give you an idea, we indulged in a black bean and red slaw with goats fetta cheese, deliciously spicy and moist. A chicken with white slaw, sliced pickled onions and spicy chipotle  mayo, heavenly. A Korean BBQ beef with pear and sesame slaw and a pulled pork with apple slaw, both exquisite and moreish. Some nights they offer beers and sangria, or hot chocolate and spicy corn chowder. All taco shells are gluten free and of the soft variety and all are made to order, very swift, beautifully presented and accompanied with a fresh slice of lime, for added flavour. They also have hot sauce on hand for those seeking extra spice. You can follow these guys and their movements on Facebook, often beginning service at around 6ish. get in there, its part of Hobart's new thing!

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Dark Mofo-Winter Feast

This winter definitely had a different feel to it. No longer did I feel like staying in at nights and hiding behind a bottle of red and a book by the fire, although not complaining if that was the only choice.  No, it was the first year that MONA went out and launched their winter dark MOFO in celebration of the winter solstice. A time when Hobart shuts down and is in need of social festivities to warm its inhabitant's and remind them of why they live here.  I was very impressed with the getup, walking into the Elizabeth st. shed was nothing like the Taste, more edgy, with more people crammed in like sardines, excited wide eyed looks on their faces as we all made our way around, keen to embrace this new cultural phenomenon. Soft, red lighting and candles enhanced the muses which danced around as part of the scenery. Outside gas flames lit up the street and laser works stunned the new comers that had flocked to check out the edible art.  No one cared that it was raining and freezing, because this was a new experience, nothing to complain about, the winter feast had definitely started off well. Queuing was a key negative here, as the crowds were massive, with not enough food stands to cater, also there was no flow to the crowd, with everyone battling each other to go their way. We saw there were some of our favourites here, including Rin and Pacha Mama.  But we couldn't go past Bruny Island Cheese company.  Indulging in a welsh rarebit and sauteed mushroom jaffle. With a glass of MONA cab merlot, sat outside by the fires it was a comforting, thematic and lovely experience. Following our melted cheesy treats and caught up in the moment we downed a super creamy goats milk ice cream with a hazelnut chocolate fudge sauce, also from Bruny.  Still feeling peckish, we later had a soft shell goat taco from Olli Bella, another super warming and spicy experience. I hope the Winter Dark MOFO is catered for every year, as I really feel that this event has changed the experience of Hobart's winters, and the community's indulgence in it.  

Jam Jar

I have been to the Jam Jar a few times now, a couple of times for coffee with cake, and a few times for breakfast, enjoying an exquisite take on french toast or smokey cod omelette.  Each time I have enjoyed the food and atmosphere overall, a dark and rustic feel brought about by the decor of second hand vintage furniture and low hanging art-deco light shades.  This place is dog friendly, as there are always dogs outside in the courtyard, so you can bring your pooch if you have one. In our most recent visit we decided to have lunch. With a couple of glasses of sparkling, we had the trio of wonton dumplings, which came with a sour and vinegary sauce. Each dumpling was different, one being seafood, one chicken and one vegetarian. Neither one tasted the same and exhibited its own individuality, accompanied by a lightly steamed bok choy, refreshingly crunchy and retaining its bright green colour.  This dish demonstrated a capable and enthusiastic chef at the helm and although it was on the light side for a lunch meal I would highly recommend it, if you were to order something else, or just after a light snack.  We also had a ceasar salad, which was fresh and classically prepared, although I would have liked to have a little more anchovy in the flavourings.  Check it out, located in Battery Point, making it central and quaint.

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For a quick bite at dinner chatterbox is as good as any other place.  Offering basic dishes inspired by South East Asian, Singapore and Malaysian cuisine.  I stopped in here with a friend one night as it recently received a favourable review in last weeks Mercury. I had a spicy prawn laksa which I must say was delicious, I wouldn't say 'the best in Hobart' as claimed, but very creamy, sweet and spicy from the fusion of coconut cream and chilies. It was a generous portion bulked up by thick egg noodles and fat juicy prawns.  I'm keen to go back and try their soya duck noodle soup, along other classic soups such as wonton and tom yum.  As well as a modest selection of soups to choose from, you can also get the typical dishes found in any bain-marie Asian restaurant. There are plenty of places like this around Hobart, some are better than others, specialising more in one thing than the other. However, Chatterbox is simple, cheap and convenient, offering nice food so why not?!

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