Friday, 26 July 2013

Taco Taco

Located around Hobart CBD where ever the van may pull up, Taco Taco offer late night street style cuisine.  Fresh and contemporary, Taco varieties change, and there is even seating, comprised of up-turned milk crates and cushions. To give you an idea, we indulged in a black bean and red slaw with goats fetta cheese, deliciously spicy and moist. A chicken with white slaw, sliced pickled onions and spicy chipotle  mayo, heavenly. A Korean BBQ beef with pear and sesame slaw and a pulled pork with apple slaw, both exquisite and moreish. Some nights they offer beers and sangria, or hot chocolate and spicy corn chowder. All taco shells are gluten free and of the soft variety and all are made to order, very swift, beautifully presented and accompanied with a fresh slice of lime, for added flavour. They also have hot sauce on hand for those seeking extra spice. You can follow these guys and their movements on Facebook, often beginning service at around 6ish. get in there, its part of Hobart's new thing!

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