Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Jam Jar

I have been to the Jam Jar a few times now, a couple of times for coffee with cake, and a few times for breakfast, enjoying an exquisite take on french toast or smokey cod omelette.  Each time I have enjoyed the food and atmosphere overall, a dark and rustic feel brought about by the decor of second hand vintage furniture and low hanging art-deco light shades.  This place is dog friendly, as there are always dogs outside in the courtyard, so you can bring your pooch if you have one. In our most recent visit we decided to have lunch. With a couple of glasses of sparkling, we had the trio of wonton dumplings, which came with a sour and vinegary sauce. Each dumpling was different, one being seafood, one chicken and one vegetarian. Neither one tasted the same and exhibited its own individuality, accompanied by a lightly steamed bok choy, refreshingly crunchy and retaining its bright green colour.  This dish demonstrated a capable and enthusiastic chef at the helm and although it was on the light side for a lunch meal I would highly recommend it, if you were to order something else, or just after a light snack.  We also had a ceasar salad, which was fresh and classically prepared, although I would have liked to have a little more anchovy in the flavourings.  Check it out, located in Battery Point, making it central and quaint.

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