Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Kathmandu Cuisine

Beautiful food, beautiful people and beautiful location. Kathmandu is relatively new to Hobart, offering a delicious range of Nepalese food, taking inspiration from their neighbours India, Tibet and China. Picture a quiet evening out with your loved one, tucked away in an intimate dining space, soft warm lighting and street views of heritage Battery Point. Or a lively get together with a bunch of friends out back. This place caters for all, providing excellent and attentive service. The menu is extensive, offering a range of dishes tailored for meat and vegetables.  We ordered a selection of curries, covering, fish, chicken, lamb and goat.  To accompany we had serves of garlic roti and rice, one infused with almonds, peas and currants.  The flavours in these meals are delicately complex, where saffron, cumin and cardamon marry black pepper cinnamon and ginger.  Beautifully presented, and prepared you will be hankering for more.  Chinese influences include mo mo or dumplings, fillings decided by the patron, and noodles, rice and soup dishes.  Prices are extremely reasonable, so don't be put off by its 'expensive' location. Located on the corner of Hampton and Francis Streets, Kathmandu is delightful and a fresh addition to dining in Hobart.

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Lotus Eaters

Funky chicks cooking up a storm in the kitchen, creating some amazing tasty meals for you. Lotus Eaters offers delicious wholesome food made with fresh, locally produced ingredients.  Its a small place on the main road of Cygnet packed with bright and sunny character. They have plenty of outdoor seating, but its wise to book, as lunch time fills up fast. I love the food and atmosphere here. Plates often come with large servings of salad, fresh leafy greens and herbs. The staff here are lovely and friendly, with a genuine compassion for making healthy delicious food and supporting free-range and ethical farming practices.

I relished in a glorious lunch of French onion tart with trio of salads, stocked up with plenty of salad greens. The Tart was delicious with a rich combination of flavours attributed to dill, onion and cheese. I loved the vibrant colour of the carrot salad that was speckled with nigella seeds, delightfully dressed in a sweet vinaigrette. Alongside this was a herby apple and red onion salad combined with creamy fetta cheese and light lemon dressing. The stark contrast of flavours and colours was enhanced by a red cabbage salad dressed in balsamic.
French Onion Tart with Trio of Salad

My companion had the chicken dumplings in a delicious vegetable broth accompanied also with plenty of fresh salad greens and crisp vegetables.  The chicken dumplings were delicious, superbly spiced and matched with fresh garlicy herbs.  The broth had a clean natural flavour which exuded healthy elements into the rest of the meal. These meals are very generous, with at least 12 dumplings to the bowl. Definitely check this place out, its worth the drive. They also offer great breads, cakes and pastries.

Chicken dumplings in Soup
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Saturday, 3 August 2013

Spice World

Spice World is the go to place for all exotic and standard spices, pastes, herbs, dried pulses, flours and rice varieties. They make up their own mixes and stock a number of standard herb and spice combinations catering for Ethiopian, Mexican, Indian, Iraqi, and Moroccan cuisine to name a few. You can find many imported products, sauces, curry pates and specialty ingredients. In addition they stock fresh ingredients, such as herbs, chillies, galangal and lemon-grass.  Where possible Spice World will stock Tasmanian produce, such as Tas Saffron.  You can also find cook-ware such as Tagine pots and Arabic coffee dullahs. Spice World is the first place to go if you are looking for that particular ingredient. Impress your friends and support this longstanding family run business, when you host your next dinner party. Located in Wellington Walk, they also have a website and do online orders if you just cant make it in, however, you will be delighted by the fragrance of the store.

Friday, 2 August 2013

New Town Greenstore

Relish in a free-range and organic breakfast or lunch, knowing that the vegetables and products you're consuming are wholesomely grown, and sourced from Tasmania, supporting local growers and ethical farming practices. That's right the Greenstore out in New Town prides itself in providing fresh ingredients, deliciously prepared for your pleasure.  You can grab classic favourites such as bacon and eggs, eggs Benedict, shepherds pie and steak sandwiches. All made using free range, hormone free and organic produce.  I enjoyed a delicious steak sanga, with perfectly cooked minute steak, succulent, juicy, and rich in flavour with fried egg, rocket, caramalised onion and Tasmanian black cherry relish. The Greenstore, is in fact a store with the cafe attached. They stock a collection of Tasmanian products, many in which they use on their menu. Most meals range from under $10 to under $20, breakfast is served from 7:30 until 2:30 and service is friendly and swift. This place is a must, especially nice on a sunny day, where you can sit outside by the florist and enjoy their decorative arrangements.

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