Saturday, 3 August 2013

Spice World

Spice World is the go to place for all exotic and standard spices, pastes, herbs, dried pulses, flours and rice varieties. They make up their own mixes and stock a number of standard herb and spice combinations catering for Ethiopian, Mexican, Indian, Iraqi, and Moroccan cuisine to name a few. You can find many imported products, sauces, curry pates and specialty ingredients. In addition they stock fresh ingredients, such as herbs, chillies, galangal and lemon-grass.  Where possible Spice World will stock Tasmanian produce, such as Tas Saffron.  You can also find cook-ware such as Tagine pots and Arabic coffee dullahs. Spice World is the first place to go if you are looking for that particular ingredient. Impress your friends and support this longstanding family run business, when you host your next dinner party. Located in Wellington Walk, they also have a website and do online orders if you just cant make it in, however, you will be delighted by the fragrance of the store.

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