Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Island Olive Grove Tasmania

Tasmania possesses an abundance of exceptional produce, although embraced lovingly by locals, it is also awarded with international recognition and prestige. Island Olive Grove fall most gracefully into this league with a modest range of marinated and prepared olive products.  I remember when they first appeared at Salamanca Market in the mid 90's, even though I was a young tacker I possessed a taste for new and exotic flavours.  As the years have gone by, Island Olive Grove have expanded, now exporting their products yet maintaining quality that is intrinsic to Tasmanian gourmet produce. I have known people to try their classic olives and not thought much of them due to the intensity of flavour, as a result of using dried herbs and spices.  However, I have found the intensity of the olives in their herby brine delightful.  I particularly like their spicy black olives and plump kalamatas, a must for any robust antipasto platter. Olive Grove also offer marinated fetta cheese, which I personally don't enjoy, as I prefer the softer Danish varieties.  As well as this Olive Grove make an olive tapenade/pesto, flavoured either 'Classic', 'Chilli', 'Port' or 'Herb', and make the classic by-product of olives, our favourite virgin olive oil varieties.  Situated outside of Hobart on way to Richmond, Island Olive Grove is part of the Riversdale Estate winery which also offers accommodation. You can find their products in most delicatessens, as well as many gourmet outlets. If you are stuck and don't want to take a trip out to the winery you can order online off their website.

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