Sunday, 15 September 2013

The Squires Bounty

Well, if it's past lunch time and you are hankering for a decent sized meal, sick of pizzas and toasties served during the dead time between lunch and dinner, then you will be pleased to know that the Squires Bounty is open for business.  We had a nice juicy scotch fillet here, available with your choice of sauce and chips and salad.  Located in Salamanca Square, behind Grape, the Bounty is a nice spot for drinks and food. A little on the expensive side, as there are plenty of places that offer steaks, burgers and food of the such in the area, at better prices, but not many of these places offer food all day, or if they do they revert to snack menus.  I was really pleased with the steak, a good quality cut, not too fatty or chewy and cooked perfectly to a medium rare.  It came with a delicious side salad that was dressed with a light lemon vinaigrette and consisted of thinly sliced celeriac and radish, not often found in the humble salad these days. I had a nice refreshing glass of Pipers sparkling to wash it down with and opted for a demi glace to go with the meat.  I have to say we picked this place out of desperation, as we had missed the lunch service and where absolutely ravenous for a decent meal.  It was a sunny day, and pretty much every place was packed with happy sun goers, however, Salamanca Square loses its sun in the afternoon, making it a cold and shadowy place. All this aside, we enjoyed our experience at the Bounty, and this place is a must for those who enjoy boutique beers, and quick bar snacks.  On certain days, the Bounty offer special pint and food deals.

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