Sunday, 13 October 2013

Pollen Tea Room

On a stormy Spring Sunday, we rushed about looking for a nook to enjoy a warming beverage. In the heart of Battery Point we were drawn to the quaint and cosy Pollen Tea Room. As you enter into the tiny but comfy front room of a former cottage, you're welcomed by a fake but convincing flame fire, and the most friendliest staff/owner I have ever come across.  This place is a shelter in the storm, like arriving home, you feel like kicking off your wet weather boots and reclining back with your favourite book and an enticing Chai tea. Indeed that is what we almost did, keeping our shoes on and taking place at the center table, we both indulged in the home made Chai, chock full of fresh ginger and warm spices to keep away the damp cold of a Wintery Spring, and put a massive smile on your face, saying 'I've arrived'.  As well as a choice of tea's and single origin coffee, you can have tasty snacks provided by Mrs Reese's healthy treats or more substantial smashed avocado on sourdough, fruit toast, eggs on toast and many more. Everything here feels very homely and nurturing, from the warm brick colours of the interior, to the long colonial style kitchen table, and the friendly staff whose relaxing and familiar manner resonate with notions of 'tea with friends'. Yes you can romanticise and get lost in this place as much as you want. You could be coming home from a hard days work, or taking refuge from a maritime storm, the surrounding colonial Battery Point steeped in history and contemporary cultural life has found its way to the Pollen Tea Room, with the cafe nicely taking place within this theme, forcing a thematic and pleasurably intimate experience. A must!  

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