Monday, 4 November 2013

The Roaring Grill

Quite a pleasant evening, made possible by the talented and respected use of Tasmanian produce and flavours.  This place has a significant 'Tasmanian' edge with its range of deliciously Tasmanian sourced products.  Beef cuts from the North West and Robbin Island Wagyu, lamb from Roland Range and seafood from our own local waters, the Roaring Grill boasts the use of quality products and has integrated Tasmania's 'clean green' image into their own culinary repertoire, literally in the title, the 'roaring' plays on our own roaring 40's. Alongside this, they seek out locally grown fruit and vegetables, locally produced beers, wines, cheeses and ice cream that specialise in unique 'Tasmanian' flavours.

A little pricey, but quite reasonable given the quality and professionalism of preparing the food in relation to other places, its a place to take someone special, or maybe just celebrate a week of fasting with a nice big juicy steak, and that is exactly what you get.  The meat is exceptional here, cooked perfectly to your liking, sparsely displayed with your choice of condiment (the red wine jus is delicious), the ever popular champ potatoes, and a pear and walnut Waldorf inspired salad.  Alongside this you can have alternatives to steak, with ribs or lamb and fish.  The house made sausage is absolutely delicious, full of flavour and robust texture. Served with pureed creamy potatoes and sweet sauteed onion, the dish is available as an entree and main.
The service is swift, punctional and professional, although if not a little high-brow with slight uneasiness, doesn't hurt to smile. The establishment has had many transformations, and in this instance, the roaring grill sets up a simple dining space that extends through to the back, with soft lighting and exposed convict red brick, the space opens up and is inviting.  They have a bar for those who want a pre-drink or are waiting for a table, as this place fills up fast, forget punting on a Friday night, make sure you book.

Desserts are not to be overlooked either, as these guys extend their talent and passion right to the end, with a delicious selection of ice creams, sorbets, coffee infused creme brulee, crumble and chocolate creations.

Located in North Hobart corner of Elizabeth and Burnett Streets, the Roaring Grill is by far one of Hobart's better restaurants to patronage.   

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