Thursday, 4 April 2013

Ethiopian Community Association of Tasmania Inc.

I went out a while ago with a bunch of people to the Ethiopian Community Association of Tasmania and we had the most amazing night of beautifully prepared Ethiopian food and coffee.  I was extremely lucky on Sunday to again indulge, with not one but two stalls at the Moonah World Food Festival.  Perusing the isle of glorious foods arriving to our country from a strong migrant community, I could have picked from Hungarian, Dutch, Indian, Thai, Croatian, Italian, Mexican, South American, Afghani, Filipino, Sierra Leone, and Madi, if I have missed anyone, apologies. However, I could not resist sharing a massive plate of mixed curries from Ethiopia.  The flavours exhibited the love and care of experienced slow cooking and for just $20 I was more than satisfied, mopping up the colourful and tasty food with traditional Injera (Ethiopian Pancake).  The plate consisted of a mix of vegetable, legume and meat curries, all completely different from one another.  If you ever get the chance to eat Ethiopian cuisine here or anywhere, don't pass it up, it will be worth the experience.

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