Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Farm Gate Market

Farmers markets have made a comeback in urban environments as consumers yearn for ethical and local products in the age of global capitalism. In following this trend, farm gate markets have sprouted up in Bellerive and Hobart in Melville Street, soon to change location, as development occurs in the old car park.  One of my favourite routines when going to Melville farm gate market of a Sunday is a visit to Pacha Mama's Mexican food. I try to get there early so I don't miss out on devouring one of their Brekky burritos, made with a Spanish style omelette, beans, salad and delicious spicy sauce, I absolutely love the combination of fresh flavours.  Also available, is an autumn veggie, wallaby and vegan and gluten free options.

While I cleverly mung down my burrito, without slopping it all over myself, I take the opportunity to peruse whats available for sale.  The market places strict emphasis on local produce only, allowing as much of the ingredients and produce to be sourced only within the geographical region of Tasmania and supplied from the producer only.  This allows for a more traditional consumption of food and produce dictated by seasonal availability, and a wide selection of lovingly prepared artisan products. I try to buy as much of my fruit and veg from here as possible, spreading it out between the different stalls, and even going further, now purchasing my yoghurt from Elgaar farm dairy stall, and Callington flour from the Companion Bakery stall.  Also available are small goods from Bruny Island, fresh meat including game, pies, coffee, cider, wine, juices, flowers, sushi, plants, pasta, many types of breads, cakes, preserves, jams and chutneys, eggs, the list goes on. If you want free range eggs, I have heard these are the best in town, so get there by 9am because they sell out by half past.

This market has a true community vibe, and has grown considerably since it first started, I always run into people here and have a good chat, but don't be put off because the crowds are not massive, its a nice size, although you will have to queue for favourites such as burritos, and the famous sushi from Geeveston which sell out quickly.  If you are looking for local produce and meals, that extend beyond fruit and veg I highly recommend you make a trip to the market on Sunday for Melville or Saturday for Bellerive Market located on the Boardwalk.

Some of the produce bought at the Farm gate market

For anyone interested in viewing an extensive list of whats available, information or even setting up their own stall here is the link to the Farm Gate website where they update whats available at the markets and access to their strict guidelines:

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