Thursday, 20 June 2013

Jackman and Mcross

Jackman and Mcross is a Hobart institution, having been around for a long time, with three great locations to choose from.  Jackman may have been one of the first trendy bakeries to offer good quality food since super bakery chains slowly gobbled up and bought out smaller competitors. They have a generous reputation, in giving the bread they don't sell to charity, and their employees to take home, always good to know someone who works there! Their bread can be found in most deli style grocers and is often the choice of many cafes and restaurants. All establishments are set out in older stylish places set in picturesque surroundings.  Whether this is on purpose or not, I don't know, but it certainly creates a relaxed and timeless atmosphere. My father was the prior owner of the old bread van Jackman drove around, an old Morris, which we nick named 'Noddy' due to its colouring.  He ended up selling it to Jackman, and I remember being appalled when I saw it in its new get up of black and blue.  However, I have never been disappointed with this place, continuously satisfied with a feeling of bakery decadence when eating anything from the menu.  Apart from bread, they offer a range of breakfast, lunch and sweet items, so be prepared for a little indecisiveness, as it all looks so great. Jackman and Mcross bakeries are located main road New Town, Hampton Rd. Battery Point and Victoria St. Hobart.

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