Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Myu Easy Bites

One cold winter's eve, as we perused the icy streets of Hobart for something new to try, we came across a small establishment out in New Town.  Peering through the window we were invited in by a delicious aroma of garlic and ginger. By now you're wondering what the hell is she going on about and cut to the chase!? I'm talking about the cute and cosy Myu Easy Bites, the home of good wholesome Malaysian cuisine.  The place is a small cosy establishment, run by a young couple.  It has a very relaxed and casual vibe brought about by the new young mum with her baby strapped to her back as she serves up bowls of delicious Laksa.  I have tried just about everything on the menu, which is modest but suited to the size of the kitchen. All meals here are served in generous portions and priced appropriately, entrees are big enough to share as well.

To boast about a couple of meals; The Rendang curry is absolutely delicious, served traditionally dry with dried fish and egg garnish, allowing all flavours to melt together beautifully, refreshed with sliced cucumber.  Also my favourite  dish, the Hainanese chicken, is so deliciously infused with garlic and ginger it leaves a flavour imprint in your foody memory, enticing you until your next visit.  The Radish cakes served as an entree come with a delicious spicy sauce infused with five spice, as do the crispy beef spiced pancakes, a must try.  I highly recommend giving this place a try for something a bit different, it has now become one of my favourite places for take away. Located on main road New Town, its a small place, open Wednesday to Saturday for dinner and lunch.

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