Sunday, 16 June 2013


The loud chatter of diners squished into the upper-floor of a North Hobart terraced restaurant, brings back memories of my time spent in Japan.  Miyabi aims to bring an 'authentic' Japanese experience to Hobart diners, combining traditional and typical drinking food found in any izakaya with energetic service.  Japanese waiters greet you with Japanese and the establishment is cosily decorated in iconic Japanese symbols and flare.  With dim lighting and busy atmosphere I was caught up in energy, ordering Asahi beer and warm sake with a range of delicious foods.  Japanese drinking establishments like these pride themselves on offering a relaxed environment where one can unwind the stresses of a days work by drinking and eating late into the night.  The selection of food is extensive, including delicious sliced sashimi, nigiri, yakatori, tofu, okonomiyaki and the list of favourites goes on.  The style of eating and drinking here is similar to tapas in Spanish cuisine, ordering different things to experience a range of flavours as you drink your night away.  I was really impressed with this place, enjoying a great start to a night out on the town.  Above all this place is great value for money, located on the restaurant strip of North Hobart under 'sushi and Crepes'. Get there and book ahead for dinner, this place is busy and vibrant.

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