Thursday, 17 January 2013

Brookfield Vineyard, Margate

On a quiet Tuesday night my partner and I decided to mosey our way down to Brookfield for a night of entertainment.  Our main attraction was the UK artist Jo Quail who had been down for the Cygnet Folk Festival.  Brookfield is situated just as you go into Margate on the right hand side of the Channel highway.  Unfortunately they are no longer making wine, as they pulled up their last remaining vines three or so months ago.  We were fortunate to try some of their last remaining stocks of pinot noir which was absolutely delicious, fruity and smooth, without harsh tannins, and as full bodied as a pinot can safely get.  The space offered at Brookfield is a collectic of old wares, vintage treasures, and model villages.  It had a very comfortable and rustic atmosphere, encouraged by soft lighting, spacey seating, and relaxed clientele.

Unfortunately we had no idea they would be serving dinner during the act, so we had not planned on eating, but observing other peoples meals, I could see that portions are generous, and ingredients fresh, with not one plate returning unfinished.  I also hear they do a very good Devonshire Tea.  Brookfield offer live music many nights of the week, dedicated to supporting local and visiting artists.  They also have a gift shop with a range of crafts and music available for purchase.  Although the night was excellent, I could not help there was something missing, as I perused the wine list that was very limited, and got the vibe that things were not quite right, I was sad to find out that Brookfield is struggling to stay open, so I urge everyone to get out there and support them.

Check out their website for detail:

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