Sunday, 6 January 2013

The Mill-on Morrison

Be prepared to get caught up in the atmosphere at this lively tapas bar.  The converted flour mill situated in Hobart's busy waterfront location offer street views and history that form part of the restaurant's scene and vibe.  A classic dining setting, open and airy allows for easy movement between tables and a relaxed feel, good if you're sick of feeling like a tinned sardine while dining out.  I was very impressed with the service provided by friendly and efficient wait-staff, bringing an almost 'amongst friends' vibe. We splurged a bit, ordering a bottle of Redenti at $80, but that's what I mean about getting caught up.

As the place is a bar, I found the extensive drinks list a bit overwhelming to sit down to, requiring time to sift through the pages filled with choices, even so I didn't feel pressured and took my time.  Drinks cover all areas of the globe, but I was disappointed that a place of such style in such a prime location was absent of any decent whiskey.  I'm talking as a lover of the smokey Islay malts, which once hard to find have become more widespread in bars and restaurants all over Tasmania.

Moving on, the menu on the other hand is nice and simple, in the form of a place mat and traditionally set out from starters/ or snacks through to pricier and heavier dishes, followed by desserts.  The key here is to order a few things at a time, you can keep ordering as you receive meals, allowing you to enjoy the food and company you're with in true tapas style.  Again getting caught up is easy so keep track of what you've had, we just kept ordering all over the place.  As I said the staff are very enthusiastic and are happy to answer any questions.

So to the dishes: For $5 we had the witlof with walnuts and blue cheese, all classic flavours that accompany each other, very cute and tasty, and a nice refreshing break from the heavier flavours.  For $10 we tried the crisp whitebait, always a favourite, which came with a very spicy capsicum aioli, and the Dover mussels with chorizo and sherry vinegar, which had a sweet and delicious impacting Mediterranean flavour.  For $12 we had the pan fried salmon and pumpkin seed pesto, which was delicious for lovers of salmon, however, I am not convinced that farmed salmon is sustainable, and prefer not to eat it.  For $25 we had the locally produced scotch fillet, which we ordered to a perfect medium rare and had the beetroot, wild rice and goats curd salad to accompany it ($10) which was fresh and inspired.  We also indulged in some house cut chips which were perfectly crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside with a clean taste ($5).  The highlight of the night, though, had to be a specials dish which at this time of year (summer) I could not pass up.  The stuffed zucchini flowers were perfectly sweet and beautifully coated in a light tempura, a must if you can.

I have to express that the menu is extensive with many more dishes to choose from covering meat, vegetarian, and seafood along with sides. Dessert on the other hand was less inspired, I ended up not being able to enjoy the champagne sorbet which was unavailable, and settled for the vanilla and berries option. Delicious due to the fresh berries, creamy Valhalla ice-cream, and delicate spun toffee, however, all desserts were garnished with the same slabs of chocolate, and sounded more impressive than they were.  Above all I highly recommend the Mill for intimate couples or large celebratory groups, again its just about trying whats out there.  

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