Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Lenah Game Meats

I love a bit of roo, and Lenah products are definitely the way to go if you are seeking something different or returning to an old fave.  When Australian native game started to creep onto restaurant menus and grocery shelves, people were a little hesitant with the idea of eating 'road-kill' as it was unfortunately nicknamed.  Aside from this, accused of eating our national emblem, consumers were faced with a moral dilemma, as to whether or not they should be devouring their iconic furry friends.  Although native game has been enjoyed since humans arrived in Australia, a steady nation building exercise since the mid 20th century, involving detachment from mother Britain and all the imagery she imported, has seen the use of our furry friends in national mythology and nation building imagery.  From football teams to chocolate wrappers, in kids stories and television, our native game plays an important role in the national psyche.  However, game is a healthy, sustainable and cheap source of tucker!  Minimal impact on the environment and being non-farmed means lower carbon footprint and less overheads making it cheaper.  A healthy diet of local grasses means low fat content, and rich in good minerals and proteins, not that i'm an expert!  It is because of these aspects that it is now becoming popular again, with many butchers and retailers providing special cuts or value added wallaby products.  Lenah meats can be found at many butchers, alongside other local suppliers, but if you are short for time it is also in the supermarkets.  Wallaby is not as 'gamey' as other game meats with softer flavours, making it very versatile, you can really just use it as a replacement for other red meats. However, due to its low fat content it does have a tendency to dry out and requires less cooking time.

Wallaby fillet spiced with juniper, thyme and black pepper atop roasted home grown parsnips and sweet potato.

For more info on Lenah Game Meats try their website, which also offers recipe ideas and supply contacts for interstate:    

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